What are you looking for when you go to a restaurant? How many stars will the restaurant need to provide for you to come back and eat at the same restaurant next time?  The experience at a restaurant is like staying at a hotel.  Everyone has a different point of view in terms of the rating that will bring them there or back again.

Pick any two of the following options:

  • Quality:  Is the food tasty?

  • Quantity:  How is the portion? Can you still see your toes when you leave the restaurant?

  • Service: Did you leave the restaurant happy?

  • Price:  How much are you willing to pay for good food?

  • Ambience:  How is the atmosphere in the restaurant?

Follow the links under “RESTAURANT TIPS” on the right hand corner for the restaurants that I have eaten at and have at least rated it with 2-3 of the above stars.

Feel free to send me a post if there is any restaurant that you would like to share with everyone that has at least 2-3 stars.