Fried Eggs with Enoki Mushrooms
Delicious Quick and Easy Fried Eggs with Enoki Mushrooms
  1. Beat 10 large eggs with a whisker or a fork
  2. Add salt and pepper
  3. Cut the bottom/roots of the enoki mushroom and only use the top part of the enoki mushroom. Cut the mushroom in one inch size
  4. Mix enoki mushrooms in the beaten eggs and stir with a fork
  5. Chop the chili pepper and add to the egg and enoki mixture (optional)
  6. Heat up the frying pan at high heat
  7. Add oil or butter into the hot pan. Turn down the heat to medium
  8. Add in 1/2 teaspoon of garlic oil (optional)
  9. Use a spoon to spoon out the enoki mushroom egg mixture into the frying pan. Let it fry for a little while until enoki mushrooms is cooked or eggs is slightly golden.
  10. Flip the egg over and fry until golden
  11. Use a spatula to press the eggs down so that enoki mushroom will be cooked in the inside.
  12. Once cooked, scoop out from frying pan and serve on steam rice and a side dish of stir fried bok choy.