Check out our Wine Tour Guide 2020 in Prince Edward County and find out which Vineyards and Wineries we visited in year 2020. This will help you in planning your own wine tour.

There are 2 ways that you can do the Wine Tour in Prince Edward County:

 1. By Car

2. By Bike

If you decide to do the wine tour via car, then you need to have a designated driver within your group.  This option is more economical.  That is, you only pay for the snack/food that you eat and the wine tastings.  You don’t have to pay the wine tour company to take you around. In addition, this option provides more freedom.  What you can do is plan all the wineries that are close to each other so that you can visit all of them during the day.  You can spend more time at the winery that you like and less at the others and adjust the timing accordingly.

If you prefer to do the wine tour via bike, ou can join a “Sip and Cycle Tour” with The County Wine Tours.  The cost of the bike tour is $150 per person.  I have not done a bike wine tour before. So I can’t give much details on this.  But this option looks fun too if you want to do some exercise while touring the wineries.


Wine Tour Guide 2020 in Prince Edward County: First Stop:  Carson’s/Flossie’s Sandwiches


We went to Sandbank from Friday to Monday at the end of August.  We spent all day Friday doing the wine tour.  Our first stop was at Carson’s Garden + Market .  There is a little goat farm at the front.  We get to meet the 3 little goats at Carson’s.

Carson's in Prince Edward County
3 little goats at Carson's Garden

Flossie’s Sandwiches is at Carson’s Garden + Market.  After checking out the goats and the Garden/Market at Carson’s, we lined up to order some sandwiches for lunch.  Flossie’s offers a variety of sandwiches on the menu.  Check out their menu.  I love the sandwiches at Flossie’s.  I ordered the Mushroom Melt sandwich and it came with a side of fries.  It was the BEST sandwich i have ever had! 


Flossie's Sandwiches

Flossie’s Sandwiches

Flossie’s Sandwiches sell the most mouth-watering scrumptious sandwiches that I have ever had!  You must take a drive here to find out yourself! I promise you it will be worth it!



Flossie's Sandwiches Menu
Best Sandwich at Flossie's
Best Sandwich at Flossies
Sandwich at Flossie's
Mushroom Melt at Flossie's

Wine Tour Guide 2020 in Prince Edward County:  First Winery/Vineyard

After satisfying our tummy with Flossie’s sandwiches, the first Winery we visited was The Old Third Vineyard which is located at 251 Closson Road, Hillier, ON in Prince Edward County.  The Old Third has a really pretty interior.  The Wine Tastings are inside their big barn.  They followed social distance guidelines and restrictions during the pandemic.  Mask or face coverings is mandory and they have hand sanitizer at the entrance.

You don’t need to make reservations.  They have Walk-ins only at The Old Third Vineyard.  When we arrived, we have a total of 10 people.  Therefore, we have to split up into 2 groups as they only serve a group of up to 6 people.

Big Barn at The Old Third Vineyard
Wines at The Old Third
Pasta Bar menu at the Old Third
Pasta Bar at The Old Third

You can either sit inside the barn or on the patio.

Check out their Quattro Amici Pasta Bar when you are there.  They have a variety of pasta dishes.  

In year 2020:  The Old Third offers 2018 Riesling, off-dry, unfiltered for $42.00 and 2016 Golden Russet Cider, dry, traditional method for $30.00 

Big Barn Interior at The Old Third
Interior of The Old Third Vineyard
The Old Third Vineyard

The Old Third Vineyard

A small, high density vineyard and winery in the heart of Prince Edward County.  The Tasting Bar is inside a big barn.  During Pandemic, the wine tasting is done in disposable cups.  The Old Third produces unfined and unfiltered pinot noir, cabernet franc and chardonnay.  In addition, they also make sparkling cider from local, golden russet apples.  

Second Winery/Vineyard:

Our next stop was Broken Stone Winery  This winery has a beautiful outdoor environment with a view of the vineyard! We didn’ have to make reservation at Broken Stone Winery either. However, if you want to play safe, it is best to call them ahead of time to check before you do your tour.  We had a great here wine tasting and enjoy the outdoor fresh air!

Broken Stone Winery

Broken Stone Winery

“Broken Stone Winery is a small family owned winery located in the heart of the beautiful Prince Edward County. Founded in 2013, owners Tim and Micheline Kuepfer are dedicated to providing some of the tastiest wine, their specialties being in Pinot Noir and cool climate Vinifera grapes.”   

Located at 524 Closson Road, Hillier, Ontario 

Outdoor at Broken Stone Winery
Outdoor at Broken Stone Winery
Swing with Vineyard View
Wine Tasting at Broken Stone WInery
Wine Tasting at Broken Stone Winery
Sheeps at Broken Stone Winery
Chickens at Broken Stone Winery
Beautiful Dog at Broken Stone Winery

Third Winery/Vineyard:

Next was Closson Chase Vineyards They have been producing exceptional quality Chardonay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris from their 35-acre estate for over 20 years.  We did the wine tasting in the spectacular garden.  Closson Chase also has food menu that you can order to pair with the wine.  

Closson Chase Vineyards - Wine Tour Guide

Closson Chase Vineyards

Closson Chase Vineyards also has a beautiful outdoor patio where you can enjoy the wine tasting and lunch.  We had a great time here.

Location:  629 Closson Road, Hillier, Ontario K0K 2J0

Welcome to Closson Chase Vineyards
Clossons Chase Vineyards
Patio at Closson Chase Vineyards
Outdoor Space at Closson Chase Vineyards
Outdoor Space at Closson Chase Vineyards
Outdoor Space at Closson Chase Vineyards
Garden at Closson Chase Vineyards
Wine Tasting Menu Closson Chase Vineyards
Food Menu at Closson Chase Vineyards
Wine Tasting at Closson Chase
Wines at Closson Chase Vineyards
Red Grapes at Closson Chase Vineyards
Green Grapes at Closson Chase Vineyards

Fourth Winery/Vineyard:

We stopped by Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards.  Resevations is not required at Grange.  It is First come, First serve.  They have limited outdoor space.  There is a Pop up by Old Salt Cocktails featuring cocktails, local beer, wine-by-the-glass.  The BEST Part is the gourmet sausage cart out in the garden! 

OMG we had the BEST Vegan Sausage here! It is Korean-styled sausage that served with seaweed and ginger with sesame.  It was delicious!


Grange of Prince Edward Winery

Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards/Old Salt Cocktails

Services Provided: Bottle Shop – Tasting Kits –Masks are mandatory indoors so there are no tastings indoors.

Address:  990 Closson Road – Hillier, Prince Edward County (Daily 11 am — 5 pm)

Patio at Grange of Prince Edward Winergy
Pop Up Old Salt Cocktails at Grange
Cocktails at Old Salt
Liquid Sunshine at Old Salt Cocktails
The BEST Vegan Sausage

Fifth Winery/Vineyard:

Last but not least,  we stopped by By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery and Vineyard.  They make 100% authentic Prince Edward County wines.  Their famous label is the ‘White Horse’.  They offer “classic fine wines:  Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the gold-standard of the dining table, the ever popular Riesling and Gewürztraminer (often touched with noble rot); refreshing bistro-styled Gamay Noir; and rarer wines such as the fragrant Muscat Ottonel, mineral-rich Chenin Blanc and the blackberry-laden St. Laurent.  Their rosés are dry and the sparklings range from a delicate salmon pink to a vibrant striking red.” 

Location:  17432 Loyalist Parkway – Wellington, Ontario K0K 3L0

Indoor at Chadsey's Cairns Winery & Vineyard

By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery and Vineyard

“The most charming way to purchase wine is in their Historic tasting room, a historic apple house from the 1850s. 

Open 7 days/week 11am-6pm (groups of max. 8 people). No Reservations required.

Cocktails at Old Salt
Liquid Sunshine at Old Salt Cocktails
Wine Menu "By Chadsey's Cairns Winery &Vineyard

Below are the 2 bottles of wine from “By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard” that we bought home to enjoy:

Wine By Chadsey's Cairns Winery and Vineyard
Wine By Chadsey's Cairns Winery and Vineyard

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Tips on How to Plan Your Wine Tour in Prince Edward County:

Make your list:  

Prepare a list of 4-5 wineries that you would like to visit in a day. 

Plan your route:

Use interactive map to plan your route – it’s mobile-friendly so if you find yourself lost, use your mobile device to help you get re-oriented. Don’t forget a pit stop at Flossie’s Sandwich for lunch!


Pick an area – the east, the south or the west and try a few in the same region. Or, pick one from each and enjoy a leisurely scenic drive in between.

Check Business Hours:

Make sure to check the business hours of the wineries that you plan to do the tour.  Most wineries are open 11am-6pm in the summer, but hours vary in the late fall and winter. Some are only open weekends.  The last thing you want is arriving at the winery and they are closed.

Make Reservations:

Call the Wineries you plan to tour to check if you need a reservations or if it is just walk-in and first come first serve basis.

Have fun at your Wine Tour!

(Source:  Prince Edward County Wine)

After a day full of wines, we headed to the cottage that we rented for the weekend (The Willow Tree Cottage) and spent the weekend playing volleyball in the dunes at Sandbanks

The Willow Tree Cottage in Sandbanks

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