My 3 picks of Best Coffee Shop in T.O.

How do you start off your morning during the weekday and weekend?

For me, I will be very happy with a nice cup of Joe/Latte before starting my morning at work and on weekends.  I am sure it is the same to the majority of us in TO and around the world.  A lot of us go to Tim Horten’s daily to get a quick coffee.  Some of us prefer a stronger coffee at Starbucks.

It is rare to have a great coffee shop around your area or work place.  I was fortunate to have a coffee shop nearby my temporary work location on King East for almost a year.  I used to go the Tim Horten’s on Richmond St. and Sherbourne.  Then one day, one of my friend suggested Bisogno Espresso Bar.  So my co-workers and I tried out the coffee here and for almost the same price as Tim Horten’s you can get better quality of coffee.  So from then on, my co-workers and I switched from Tim Horten’s to Bisogno daily.

Bisogno Espresso Bar:

61 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M5A 2P8 (King and Sherbourne St)

This is close to St. Lawrence Market / George Brown/Distillery District

I have had the coffee here. Good price and good quality.  For $1.50, you can get a coffee slightly bigger size than Tim Horten’s medium size.  You can order mild or strong coffee.  The owner at Bisogno introduced me to taking coffee with steam milk.  It keeps the coffee hot and the coffee is not as diluted than when taking with cold milk.  What I normally did was order the strong coffee with steamed milk, then I added cocoa and stir it.  The foam of the steamed milk added to the taste of the coffee. It tasted like I was having a latte.
Occasionally I ordered a Latte or a Cappuccino.  It was so tasty, foamy and smooth!

Bisogno Espresso Bar

If I were to give a rating like Restaurant Tips, I will give Bisogno 4 stars 1)  Quality 2)  Quantity 3)  Service 4) Price.  The decor at Bisogno is a little older style.

Here’s the drink menu at Bisogno:

Menu at Bisogno

Seating area at Bisogno

The seating area is spacious with older fashioned furniture.  There is a communal table and a couch where you can sit down and have a cup of coffee by yourself or with friends.  They also offer free wi-fi in the coffee shop.

In addition to the coffee/Latte/Cappuccino and other beverages, Bisogno also carries some baked goods including Bagels.  Hmm..tasty bagels from Gryfe’s!  You can have the bagel with butter, cream cheese, nutella, brie.  Their muffins are pretty yummy too.  The muffins are from one of the baker in St. Lawrence Market. The best one I had was lemon cranberry muffin.  Check out Bisogno when you have a chance and give me your feedback!

My other experiences with other quality coffee shop:

White Squirrel Coffee Shop:

907 Queen Street West   Toronto   647-428-4478

I was walking by Queen St. West and stumbled across this coffee shop across from Trinity Belwood Park.  I ordered 2 Lattes.  The Barrista made the latte with such beautiful.  The Latte is very creamy and smooth. I would go back to this coffee shop for more latte in the future. I would recommend this coffee shop if you are around the Queen West area.
White Squirrel Coffee Shop also offers Greg’s ice cream.  This will be a great place to grab an ice cream on a hot summer day and take a walk at the park.  In addition, White Squirrel Coffee Sohp offers hand-held breakfast, fair trade, organic coffee and dairy,home-baked goodies and sandwiches.

White Squirrel Latte


If I were to give a rating like Restaurant Tips, I will give White Squirrel Coffee Shop 3 stars 1)  Quality 2)  Quantity 3)  Service 4) Price.  I took out the lattes and did not sit in.  Therefore, it is hard to rate the ambience of this coffee shop.

Krepesz Cafe – Kensington Market

253 Augusta Avenue Kensington Market, Toronto ON, M5T 2L8

If you are around Kensington Market area and would like to sit down and grab a snack and a nice cup of Joe/Latte/Cappuccino, you have to visit Krepesz Cafe. They have one of the best Latte.  You have to check out the infamous crepes made by Mama behind the counter!  I ordered 2 Lattes and a banana nutella crepe. The crepe was so tasty!

Krepesz Cafe

Nutella Banana Crepe with 2 Lattes

If I were to give a rating like Restaurant Tips, I will give Krepesz Cafe 4 stars 1)  Quality 2)  Quantity 3)  Service 4) Price.

If you are a coffee/latte/ cappuccino / espresso lover, come on out and try the above and give me your feedback.  If you know of any other great coffee shop around town, please leave a note and I will post it up.